When did the Alkaholi people become ‘Oasis’ to you?

On Thursday, the Alakaholi tribe in West Africa’s Niger Delta became the first people in Africa to reach a new milestone, when the world’s first oasis shower door was unveiled.

The oasis was inaugurated on March 17, and has become a symbol of the Alikaholi’s success.

“We have been trying to reach out to other people for so long.

We are hoping to do something special for our people,” Omid Nkrumah, the tribe’s chief, told the AFP news agency.

“We have a lot of water, and we are going to get the water we need from other people, and if there are more people who want to use the water, then we will be happy to share it with them.”

The new door opened up to visitors who came from all over Africa and the Middle East, as well as to the rest of the world.

“The people of Alakha are a very strong tribe, and they know how to make the most of their resources,” Nkrimah said.

“They are extremely intelligent and have a strong sense of history and culture.”

The Alakas’ success is due to the tribe, which has been at the centre of a political and economic crisis.

The Alakahs are the descendants of the nomadic Ojibwa people, who were expelled from their ancestral homeland in the 1960s.

The Alkahs, who live in the Niger Delta, are the largest ethnic group in West African Nigeria, accounting for 40% of the population.

The tribe is currently struggling to find new water sources, and it was the first to find a new water source, using the desert-like Ojibo river, in 2015.

The newly-opened oasis also serves as a symbol for the tribe.

“This is an important symbol for us,” Nkemba Oma, the chief of the tribe told AFP.

“In the desert, the oasis can only provide water to the people who live there, so it is important to show the world that we have the power to help the people.”

The oas were built by a local contractor, who then donated it to the Alika Water Company, which is now the operator of the new water treatment plant.

The company, owned by the family of Obeidi, said that the new door has been designed to make life easier for the Alaks.

“Oasis is a symbol to all people that we are Oasis and we will always work for our tribe,” the company said.

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