How to squeeze in a wooden shower curtain

Wooden shower curtain is available for about Rs 6,000.

If you are looking for an upgrade, you can go for a wooden one for Rs 2,000 or buy a marble one for about 3,000, said Amit Kumar, head of the Indian marble business.

“It’s not a high-end product but it’s something that can be upgraded,” he said.

The wooden shower curtains are manufactured by an Indian company, J&P India.

The firm manufactures more than 10 lakh of them a year.

J&p India has a branch in the UK, and in 2016, it had a turnover of Rs 4,000 crore.

But J&P India has recently been losing its grip on the market.

The company’s shares have fallen by more than 80% this year.

“There’s a shift in the industry and a lot of consolidation has taken place,” said Rakesh Kumar, founder of a Marble Group in the US, and the owner of a brick and mortar business in the city.

“We’re looking at the marble business and the door handles as well.”

J&i India has been struggling to compete with brick and mortars in India and in other countries.

It has a turnover around Rs 20,000-30,000 per day.

“The marble business is growing at a faster rate,” Kumar said.

“But the doors are getting older.

You can buy a new door for Rs 5,000,” he added.

The Marble Group is also the biggest importer of marble in India.

“India is going to become a marble hub in a decade,” said Amit Shukla, managing director of Marble Group.

India’s marble industry has been in the spotlight recently.

Earlier this year, the government introduced new laws that would make it harder for firms to export marble, and many companies have said they will no longer import it.

“They have a choice of what to do.

The only choice for many is to stay closed,” said Kumar.

“In the end, it’s all about the marble.

They will stay closed.

The marble is going down,” said Shukala.

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