Amazon and Panasonic have teamed up for a new series of shower doors

Amazon and the Panasonic Corporation have signed an agreement to produce a new line of shower door pulls.

The new line, dubbed “Amazon Shower” will feature the Panasonic brand in an expanded range of new products including a range of Panasonic products that will be made in the UK and Europe.

“We are thrilled to have signed up with Panasonic and to be able to share the next generation of products with the world,” said Jim Smith, Amazon UK’s head of retail, in a statement.

“The Panasonic brand will be in all of the new products, and we are looking forward to working with Panasonic on furthering our relationship and working with our partners in the market to build a great brand in the future.”

The new product line will launch in the coming months and will be offered in the following Amazon UK countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Northern Cape and South Africa.

The product will be available in the US and Canada starting next year.

“Our relationship with Panasonic is based on a long-standing and close partnership, which includes products like the Panasonic Panasonic EZSeries, Panasonic Panasonic P3, Panasonic PLX3, and Panasonic Panasonic PL3 series of plug-in hybrid electric showerheads, as well as other products like Panasonic’s Powerwall, Powerbar, Powerflow, and Powerflow Ultra,” said Jeremy Moore, CEO of Panasonic.

“With our commitment to offering products that are high-quality, the new Amazon Shower product line reflects this commitment and reflects the quality of our products.

We are delighted to have our partner in this new venture and look forward to the success of this exciting partnership.”

“The new products from Panasonic will provide an important stepping stone for Amazon to become a more globally competitive provider of products, in particular in the area of energy efficiency,” said Jeff Bezos, CEO and co-founder of Amazon.

“As we continue to expand and innovate with our products, it is exciting to see Panasonic joining our global team of innovators.

This is a great partnership for both companies and we look forward at building a stronger relationship.”

The Panasonic Panasonic Powerwall and Powerbar were announced in December, respectively, with Amazon UK announcing plans to launch the Powerwall in 2018.

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