When a toilet breaks down and can’t fix it, you’re stuck with the plumbing

An estimated 50 percent of the world’s toilets fail at some point, and while they’re typically fixed by using new, more expensive equipment, it can be expensive and time-consuming to get them back in working order.

That’s where a new design can help—or at least make them a little less costly.

The Aquaculture Aquatic Engineering and Product Development Center in Houston, Texas, recently released a patent application that describes a design that would help solve a problem that’s plagued many of the city’s older, leaky toilets.

The Aquacrypt design, described in the patent application, is actually a series of rectangular-shaped doors with the ability to seal against water, which is necessary for the design to work.

When water hits the doors, the sealant inside the door releases a pressure wave that causes the water to drain.

This allows water to flow back into the toilet and allow it to re-enter the plumbing, which could eventually be replaced by a new water-tight door, according to the patent.

The technology could also potentially help save money by lowering the cost of replacing the toilet altogether.

While the patent describes a system that allows the doors to seal, it doesn’t specify how long it would take to replace a toilet.

The company’s prototype design uses an existing water-repellent coating on the doors that will likely be replaced with a new coating in the future.

It’s unclear whether this coating is a part of the final product, but it’s likely that this technology would also need to be re-tested to ensure it works as advertised.

Another feature that’s not mentioned in the filing is a new feature that could help alleviate the frustration that can sometimes be caused by old, leaking toilets.

A keystone door could seal a hole or a gap between the door and the water that’s leaking, which would prevent water from entering the toilet.

When the door is shut, the water inside the toilet is pushed out, allowing the water in the toilet to drain into the surrounding water-filled basin.

The design described in this patent can be applied to any type of toilet that has water leaking out of it, which can be a problem for older toilets.

As the toilet ages, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the seal, so replacing the water sealant can help keep water out of the toilet until it’s needed.

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