New shower door company to replace Raiders logo

A new company will replace the Raiders’ former logo in the team’s new home in Oakland, and it plans to pay for the effort with a “shower house” that will house up to 20 people.

According to a press release from the company, ShowerHouse Inc., based in Las Vegas, is working on a shower house that will provide 10 to 20 shower rooms.

Shower House’s CEO, Mike Gaffney, said the company will offer up to 40 rooms for a price of $1,100, and will begin accepting deposits early next year.

Showers will be available in four different colors, with the bathrooms set up in the center of the space.

Showered customers will also be able to choose from an array of personalization options, including personalized shower heads, custom made soap dispensers, and an LED lighting system.

“We are excited to offer an experience for our guests of all ages, to enjoy the unique and relaxing nature of the shower, and our customers, who can come in and experience the world of Showerhouse and its amazing product line,” Gaffnell said in the press release.

Shower House Inc. plans to open its doors on March 20 and is working with the Raiders, Raiders owner Mark Davis and the Raiders for the project.

The company plans to bring in a large number of Raiders players and staff and will serve as a focal point for the brand, Gaffey said.

Showers will cost $1.3 million to construct, according to the company.

Gaffney told the Oakland Tribune in February that he was “trying to get this done in as short a time as possible.”

Shower houses have been popular among the NFL’s young fans, who enjoy the amenities and feel of being surrounded by other fans.

Showing that it will not be the last, the Raiders announced in March that it had signed a deal with a company to build a new $60 million home for the Raiders in Carson, California.

The Raiders’ current stadium is the Coliseum, which is expected to be demolished to make way for a stadium that is expected for construction to begin next year and could be ready for the 2017 season.

The team has a history of working with other teams to build stadiums in the United States, and Davis has said that the Raiders are not opposed to working with any NFL team to help build a stadium in the city.

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