Which pocket shower door is best?

Experts in the pocket shower front-door industry say the key to a successful pocket shower is using a good quality shower door.

The Australian Financial Commission (AFC) has recommended a pocket shower as a top choice, but the industry’s leaders say it’s not the only way to do it.

The top three key factors for the pocket-sized shower are door size, height and the shape of the door.

“It’s the shape that’s going to dictate whether you’re going to have a good pocket shower, whether you have a very compact one or a very large one,” Mr Prentice says.

The key factors The biggest advantage of a pocket-size shower door over a standard door is that it’s built to fit in the palm of your hand, rather than the front of the shower.

It’s not only the shape which is important, but how the door looks.

A key difference is that a pocket door will not open to the sides, but will open straight up.

“In the case of the standard shower door you don’t really have the ability to look down, so it’s just a simple straight line down to the door,” Mr Breen says.

“But the pocket door opens to the side and has a very small opening, so you can look straight up and it opens straight up, it’s like a mirror opening, but with the side opening.”

For a pocket sized shower, you’ll need a shower head that’s at least 12mm thick, which is typically the size of a regular shower head.

Mr Brewin says a pocket size shower door can be made from materials that are both durable and lightweight, but also with a design that’s as slim as possible.

“I wouldn’t want to use a material that is so thick, that’s heavy, that is too bulky, or that’s so thin that it is difficult to get a grip on the door and get a lock,” he says.

If you have any questions about the pocket size of your shower, contact the ACC’s product experts.

“If you’re not sure what you want to buy, look at our pocket size guide for tips on where to buy the best shower door,” a statement from the ACC said.

The ACC said there were currently no official recommendations on which shower door style is best for pocket size.

But a pocket window is a common option.

“We think pocket doors are the way to go, they’re much more aesthetically pleasing,” Mr Hough says.

When it comes to the shape, most people prefer the “squared-off” or “square” shape, while some people prefer a “double square” shape.

For some, the shape is best suited to their hand size, and for others it may be a more convenient choice.

For people with a larger hand size or with large hands, a pocket shape can be a better option.

But Mr Brous said for people with small hands, “you should definitely stick with the rectangular shape”.

“People with small fingers tend to have smaller hands, and so if you’re looking for a smaller pocket shower that’s also easy to use and you can have a pocket that’s easy to grab onto, I think a rectangular shower is the way forward,” he said.

“There are some people with large fingers, or people who are just too big to reach the shower head, that can also find a pocketed shower very useful.”

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