A new model for electric door locks opens up the possibilities for home automation and home automation solutions

With the introduction of the new DoorLock, home automation systems can now be customized to fit their customers needs.

The new Door lock is the latest in a growing series of Door locks which allows you to customize how the door locks work.

There are currently two models in the market, the door lock that locks with a key and a door key.

The key is attached to a handle and has a small button that opens a sliding door that is automatically unlocked when the door is closed.

When you want to open the door without a key, you just slide the key into the handle and the door opens.

The DoorLock also comes with a remote that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

When the doorbell rings, the remote activates the lock and unlocks the door.

This also works with all doors that are not equipped with a door opener.

It also has a feature to automatically unlock a sliding window when the user pushes the lock button.

The second model, the DoorKey, is the same as the DoorLock but comes with two small buttons.

The first one opens the door, and the second one opens a small door with a button that locks it.

The DoorKey is also equipped with an infrared sensor, so you can control the door from the couch or wherever you live.

The main advantage of the Door Lock is that it has an automatic lock.

If you have a garage door with an automatic door lock, you can easily set up a door that automatically locks when the garage door is opened.

For example, if the garage is in the garage, you could have a door in the door way that is unlocked when you walk in.

When there is no garage door open, the garage doors automatically unlock automatically.

The downside is that the Door Key will lock the door automatically when it is not used and you will have to unlock the door manually to open it.

The advantage of this system is that you can automate the door locking.

If a garage is closed, you will need to manually open the garage to let the garage out.

If the garage opens, the system will unlock automatically and the garage will unlock as well.

The system works with a range of doors that can open and close.

It is capable of locking doors from doors that have a sliding-window or sliding-door latch, or from door locks that have no door opener or a key that you need to open manually.

If your door is in a garage, the Remote Key will unlock the garage automatically and then the door will unlock when the car is parked outside.

If it is in your house, you should open the car door when you get home and then lock it and the system locks the door once you leave the house.

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