How the state’s new wave of cheap shower door opening laws will work

How will Australia’s new laws apply to the most common types of door?

Read moreA new wave, which has the potential to transform the lives of thousands of homeowners, will see some of the most popular types of doors that are now available on the market reduced to a minimum in a bid to stop “sensationalist” claims that cheap door opening will be the solution to flood defences.

New laws introduced by the Victorian Government this week will allow homeowners to buy a small amount of time to buy their door and install it, or install it themselves, and get the door closed, in a “no obligation” and “no charge” period.

“These doors will be less expensive than the ones that have been on the shelves for decades,” Minister for Roads and Maritime Affairs, Terry Mulder, said.

“We want to encourage homeowners to get in touch and get a door installed in the shortest time possible, so it can be closed as quickly as possible, and also have the convenience of getting home in a matter of minutes rather than having to leave the house at night.”

The new rules mean it is now easier for anyone to buy an existing door and then get it opened and installed in their own home, which will give homeowners greater choice in terms of which type of door they choose to buy.

The new laws come after the state government in September released a report that highlighted the importance of preventing flooding.

In particular, it warned of the need for “sustainable flood management” by encouraging people to move from flooded areas to areas with low flood levels.

“It is essential that people have the time to plan their next move, to get a window and a door in place and to make sure that it is a safe, comfortable and convenient option for them to go home,” Mr Mulder said.

The minister also said he hoped the new laws would encourage homeowners “to stay at home and keep their doors closed, rather than making it more expensive for people to open doors”.

“The new legislation will encourage people to be more aware of the importance and importance of their home and make sure they have the flexibility to get out of their house as soon as possible,” he said.

In NSW, the Government announced last month it would introduce the “no duty” door, allowing homeowners to open a door they have already bought, for a limited time period.

However, the rules for NSW are much more restrictive than those for Victoria.

Under the new NSW laws, homeowners will have to give a “reasonableness notice” before they can open the door.

This will be given as a notice to a property manager or to a local council or water provider.

However the new rules will still allow residents to open door without a “reasonable excuse” for not doing so.

“If you have the right to open the front door without any reasonable excuse, it is not a reasonable excuse,” Mr Mahon said.

Under new rules, NSW residents will also be allowed to buy or lease a “non-compliant” door for an “initial period of one year”.

“It will be an additional charge of $2,000 for the first year, $5,000 thereafter, up to a maximum of $25,000,” the Minister said.

However he said that after a one-year period, the door would be subject to the same restrictions as any other type of “noncompliant door”.

In Queensland, the new “no-duty” laws will also apply to “slightly larger” door options.

Under a “slight improvement” to the state law, this means that “any door with a width of 1 metre or less can be opened by the owner” of the home, rather the owners of the property.

However this is still a very small area of the country, with only two states, New South Wales and Victoria, having introduced such a measure.

“This is not an immediate change, but it will have a big impact on people’s lives,” Mr Thodey said.

He said the new legislation had also created a “huge incentive for people” to be proactive and to do some research before opening their door.

“People are going to be much more proactive in researching and doing some research in order to be able to choose the best option for themselves,” he added.

Mr Thodeys “no door” laws are the first in a series of “no” door measures introduced by state governments.

Mr Mahon also said that the new government was determined to “reduce the amount of cost” people pay for their homes, and that he believed it was the only way to prevent flood defences from being “over-priced”.

“There are very few things that people will spend more than $10,000 on, and the majority of the time, we don’t spend $10 or $15,000.

It is a much lower level of spending,” he explained.


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