New shower door that exploded is being repaired

A new shower door was destroyed in a blaze that ripped open in a shop in south-east Queensland on Friday.

Key points:The front door was set on fire by the explosion of a plastic shower curtainThe owner of the shop said the explosion was caused by the failure of a valve in the curtainThe curtain exploded when the owner opened the doorThe curtain broke free from the back door of the business and flew into the air.

“I’m a big fan of the shower curtain.

It’s a good product,” owner John Flemming said.”

We put a curtain in there and it’s great for people, but we put a lot of pressure on the curtain and it exploded.”

When it exploded, it blew all the glass off and it broke the back of the curtain in half.

“It was a really big explosion.”

Mr Flembing said he thought the curtain broke loose because it was too heavy for the door to open.

“You could see the curtain going through the air, I could see it go through the door,” he said.”[But] the only way to get it out of the way was to push it open with the foot.”

Once the curtain is out of it, it’s like a piece of aluminium, and you can’t see the front of the door, so I had to go down to the garage and pull the curtain out.

“The curtain shattered into two pieces and came crashing down on the floor below.

Mr Flemsen said he was shocked when he found the curtain on fire.”

As soon as it was out, it was going through a wall and it went through the wall,” he explained.”

The door’s just hanging off the wall.

It broke off the back.

“Mr Bracken said the curtain was going to be repaired, and the owner of that shop said it would be up and running soon.”

They’re going to get another one fixed, and they’re going back into business,” he told ABC Local Radio.”

He’s got a few new doors in there that have exploded.


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