A new generation of solar power is about to get a big boost

In a series of articles, New Scientist will be exploring the future of renewable energy, focusing on how our society and planet can transform.

This week we’re looking at the future for solar power.

Solar power is already a big part of our daily lives.

It’s been a huge driver of economic growth, but the technology is also rapidly expanding.

Today, it’s used in about 20% of the world’s electricity, up from 6% in 2007.

The big advantage is that solar panels can be built at home, and there are now a range of affordable solar panels for home use.

This is great news for consumers.

In this article we’re going to look at the potential future for the future, starting with the solar panel market.

The big solar panels are available in many different sizes.

A typical solar panel can be placed in a garage or shed, and the panels are connected to a home’s electrical system.

The panels are typically placed vertically to create a flat, flat surface that allows for a more efficient cooling and ventilation.

They can be installed in homes or small businesses, and some solar panels have the capability to provide a power grid backup.

Today’s solar panels include panels that are designed to absorb and capture energy from the sun.

The idea is that the solar panels will absorb the solar radiation, and convert it into electricity for the home.

This technology is called photovoltaics (PV).

PV is now the most widely used type of solar panel, and solar panels currently cost about $100 a watt (up from $30 a watt in 2007).

The panels have been designed to be flexible and can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or even horizontally.

In addition to being a good technology, PV panels are also highly energy efficient.

In 2011, for example, an average solar panel produced about 5% less energy than an average wind turbine, according to Solar Energy Research Institute.

But because PV panels typically use a smaller volume of energy, they can be designed to provide power for a much smaller area of the home and still be efficient enough to provide reliable energy.

Another big advantage of PV panels is that they are a relatively simple and cheap way of creating a power supply.

Solar panels can create electricity from sunlight and use that power to charge a battery.

A solar panel produces energy from sunlight when the sunlight is concentrated, creating an electric field.

Because PV panels use less energy to produce energy, and they can also be used as a backup to a power source, they’re generally more energy efficient than batteries.

They also tend to last longer than batteries, which can be used for long-term storage of energy.

The battery-powered version of PV can be expensive, however.

There are some PV panels that use batteries to charge solar panels.

Solar cells in a solar panel are arranged in a grid, which uses the sunlight to charge the solar cells.

Solar power batteries have become popular in recent years because they are cheap to build, and batteries are widely available.

However, a battery is not a battery without problems.

A battery is a kind of electrical storage unit.

They are made of a metal, typically lead, that holds electricity in a magnetic field.

When a battery runs out of energy it can’t produce energy.

Instead, it will shut off.

If the battery is used to power a device that requires a large amount of electricity, such as a car, the battery can be lost.

When this happens, the solar power panels are automatically switched off.

A battery’s power is measured in kilowatts (kWh).

This is the amount of power that can be generated by a given amount of solar energy.

Solar energy can provide a lot of power in a short period of time, but it is not unlimited.

Solar PV panels can provide more power over a period of hours, days, or weeks.

A large solar panel’s output can be very large.

A single solar panel has a capacity of about 50 kWh (1,000 watts).

The solar panel is an electrical component that provides electricity.

The technology is so simple that most people are familiar with it.

However it has many other advantages.

One of these is that a large solar power panel can generate more energy than a small battery.

Another advantage is a solar power battery’s lifetime can last a long time.

Solar batteries can last for years, while solar panels last for days or weeks, depending on how they’re used.

Another big advantage to solar panels is they are easy to install.

Unlike batteries, solar panels and solar power batteries can be easily installed on a roof, and a large area of a roof can be covered by a solar panels installation.

This can result in a large installation.

Another major advantage of solar panels lies in the energy storage capability.

Solar panel panels are designed for storing energy in a battery or battery pack.

Solar battery packs are batteries that store

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