DIY bathroom wall art for your garden

A DIY bathroom mural in the garden is something you can really get behind and start making your own. 

A wall piece can help to give your garden an extra sense of life, so get going. 

These are some of the best DIY bathroom art projects you can do.1. 

The Garden Door The garden door, with its rounded edges, is one of the easiest DIY wall art pieces to make. 

It can be made in a number of different ways, but here’s how to do it:2. 

Bathroom Wall  The Bathroom Wall is a simple, yet versatile, bathroom art piece. 

Using a simple and cheap 3-piece, it can be added to your bathroom wall. 

Make sure the door is well-drained before you paint. 


Wash and Paint Wall This is another easy DIY bathroom piece, but it’s also a great way to decorate a kitchen or bathroom. 

If you don’t want to paint, you can still use the same steps as with the Garden Door. 


Garden Door  A bathroom wall painting is an easy way to add a bit of charm to a space or home. 

With a simple 3- or 4-piece DIY wall painting, you could easily add a few surprises to your space. 


Dry Wall Art  Another easy DIY wall piece, this one can be used in a large-scale installation. 

This one is a nice, sturdy wall piece that can be painted on the floor or placed on the wall.6. 

Glass Wall You can also create your own bathroom wall using glass, as well as other decorative materials. 

You could also use acrylic paints or a few different types of wood, depending on what you’re looking for. 


Towel Wall The towel wall is a great DIY bathroom decoration, as it’s easy to paint and you can add details and touches to the finished wall.8. 

Stained Glass Wall Glass can be a great alternative to the traditional bathroom door. 

Some of the things you could paint on this piece include:  lamps, a mirror, and a shower door.9. 

Plant Wall An easy way of adding a splash of colour and interest to your home, plant walls are a great addition to your garden or home improvement project. 


Water Wall Water walls can be an interesting option to add to a bathroom or kitchen, as they add a touch of depth and interest. 


Sun Room Wall Sunrooms are great for any DIY wall that’s a little more colourful than a traditional bathroom.12. Muse Wall Another option for adding some colour to a room, this wall art piece is a bit more subdued than the bathroom wall.13. 

Wall Art for Your Garage The Garage wall can be as simple as a few paint jobs. 

Try a few colour combinations and a few pieces of art. 

14. Wood Wall Wood wall painting can be something you want to do in your garage, as the material and size of the wall can make it look more unique than a simple wall piece.15. 

Painted Wall If your bathroom or garden needs a little extra visual interest, you might like to add some paintwork to your garage or home in order to add the perfect touch of colour to the space.

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