When it rains, it pours: The story of a Colorado Springs, Colo., construction company

An opulent, three-story shower house built to house three bedrooms in a two-story home was torn down last year after the building was found to be in need of repairs.

A new $100,000 shower house will replace the old one, which is set to be torn down sometime this fall.

The builder of the new $80 million house says the house will be a home away from home for guests, as well as for visitors who might be interested in having a look around.

It will be one of the largest residential projects ever built in Colorado Springs.

But for residents who lived in the house, the story of the house and the new home is bittersweet.

The $80,000 condo has a swimming pool, a spa, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a courtyard.

It’s an open-air space with a deck that overlooks a lake, according to the project’s website.

The project was financed with a $30 million bond issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

In January, it had been sold to a developer, but it’s not clear when that will happen.

The new house will not be for sale.

It was built to provide a home for residents of the two-storey, 300-person building, and was constructed to withstand the elements.

It is located in the Denver suburb of Aurora.

The original project was supposed to be completed in 2019, but a construction accident caused a delay.

In 2016, the house caught fire and flooded the basement, damaging about 50 percent of the home.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said at the time that the building “will need extensive repairs and restoration” to maintain its historic character.

The building was sold for $2.8 million to a private company last year, and the owners are selling the new house, according the Colorado Springs Gazette.

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